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About Us

Kazanlak Sustainable Tourism Association was registered in 2005 as "Association for Alternative Tourism" in the Municipality of Kazanlak. By Decision 1588/30.05.07 of the District Court in Stara Zagora the association was re-registered officially as "Kazanlak Sustainable Tourism Association", being an association with activities aimed at the public benefit. The Association has as its members owners of guest houses, craftsmen, animators, tour guides and intellectuals. During the last three years the members of the Association were actively engaged in the Project for Revitalisation of Kazanlak Area, jointly implemented by the Kazanlak Municipality authorities and the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

By virtue of the Statute agreed upon by the General Assembly, the Association has the following main objectives:

  1. Development of the sustainable tourism and improvement of the quality of the tourist products and services
  2. Participation of the Association in strategies, projects and programmes in the sphere of sustainable tourism
  3. Development of joint projects and activities with similar organisations
  4. Revitalisation, development and promotion of old crafts, culture and arts
  5. Improvement of the social status and the public prestige of the member of the Association
  6. Work with children and young people according to their interests and collaboration with the sectors, working with people in a socially unequal situation

The Association will conduct activities aimed at the public benefit, comprising:

  1. Preservation, affirmation and development of the spiritual values, traditions, lifestyle and culture
  2. Pursuit of a common policy of protection of the local cultural-historical and ethnographic heritage and the natural landmarks as well as protection of the interests of hoteliers and restaurateurs, the masters of artistic crafts and applied arts, persons conducting additional services, persons offering transport services and other stakeholders involved with the development and offer of sustainable tourist products
  3. Engagement of the socially weak, the handicapped and the people in need of special care in order to provide them with support
  4. Improvement of the professional qualifications and preparation of the members of the Association in order to support their social integration and personal realisation as well as provision of information regarding their activities to the general public

The Statute allows for the acceptance of physical and juridical persons as associated members, sharing the major objective of the Association - the development of sustainable tourism in Kazanlak Municipality and the realisation of this objective through common projects, events, activities, etc.

Membership in the Association is voluntary and regular. A Member of the Association can be any capable physical person who has the necessary qualification or shares the objectives of the Association and the means for their realisation, abides by its Statute and pays his/her membership fee regularly. The members of the Association can also be juridical persons who are obliged to provide at the time of application for membership a full up-to-date status, the decision of their supreme organ for membership in the Association and clear indication who would act as their official representative.

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