Enina Village

Enina is a beautiful village, situated at the foot of the Balkan Mountain. It is very close to the village of Krun. The histories of both villages are interrelated. From past times Enina has been known for its clean and tidy houses, well-arranged and orderly, despite the large families, with small gardens and yards. A remarkable church from the XIV century still remains in Enina, in which one of the oldest Bulgarian books was discovered. The Eninski Apostle is a valuable source for Bulgarian historiography because on its pages one can discern the Glagolic script - the original Bulgarian alphabet, predating the Cyrillic, whose symbols closely resemble runic inscriptions.

History or Legends

The legend about the foundation of the village is related to its symbol whose monument can be found at the entry of the village on the way from Kazanlak - the goatherd Yana. The legend tells that Yana was the most beautiful girl in the village but she was orphaned from an early age and had to provide for herself. Yana took the goats out in the morning with a song and brought them back with a song when the sun went down behind the mountains. The people loved Yana as she was kind, good-hearted and beautiful and in her the whole world seemed beautiful. The most handsome lad of the village fell in love with her. The young man was poor but he had a gift - in his hands any piece of wood turned into magic. For a long time the lad hid his love; for a long time Yana also looked to him with silent love. One day one of the smallest kids of her herd got lost and the girl went out to look for it. When she found it, even though she knew all the mountain paths, Yana suddenly ended up at a wild and unknown place. Behind her the mountain rose up powerful and mighty, while in front of her the valley opened up in a warm and hospitable embrace. At the end Yana found her way home. She came back to the village, said goodbye to everyone and went back to that wonderful place that had captivated her heart. She left yet she heard the steps of someone following her - behind her was the young lad. His loving heart could not let him lose the one he loved the most in the world. At the place pointed by the little goat kid Yana and the lad created their home. But the girl and the young man were missed by the people so much that they slowly started moving closer to them and that is how slowly the village of Enina was formed.

"St. Petka" Church

One of the most valuable old books for the Bulgarian historiography, the Eninski Apostle, was found here. It was written in the Cyrillic script yet at some places under the letters one can discern the Glagolic letters which shows that initially the book must have been written in the Glagolic script and then the text on the pages made of lamb skin was erased and re-written in Cyrillic. Comparing the symbols, the historians can trace exactly during which time period our language was changed.

The Clock Tower

The clock tower was built in the centre of Enina near the Town Hall building. It was quickly transformed into a symbol of the village because of its traditional style. The tower is emblematic for the village - it reflects its unique atmosphere.

Crafts and craftsmen

Maybe because of the legend and the skilful hands of Yanas lover, many craftsmen live and work in Enina, creating not only in the sphere of contemporary art but also preserving many of the traditional and characteristic regional crafts. Some of them you can see in the programme of the Club of Eninas Housewives.

Interesting Places to See

Around Enina there are many beautiful and interesting places such as "Kampus", "Chilecheto", "Raeva Tubla", "Rusaliiski Grobishta", the place of the first hydroelectric power plant in the region and so on.

Enina is a starting point for:

  • the tombs in the Valley of the Thracian Kings;
  • mountain paths up to the Buzludzha Peak and trekking over the peak to the northern slopes of the Balkan Mountain;
  • a mountain path to the Boykova Niva locality with an outing in peaceful meadows, mountain water and shelters;
  • outings in fabulous places along the Eninska River gorge.

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