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Cherganovo Village

In translation from Turkish the name of the village means wild violet. The village of Cherganovo is situated to the south of the main road Kazanlak - Stara Zagora in the plains of the Kazanlak rose valley. Orchards, stock-breeding and agriculture are well-developed here but the activity that defines the present and the future of the village is rose-growing. Today, there are nearly 500 dekars planted of oleaginous roses near the village and more are planted. The favourable situation of the village - the fertile land and the water resources, connected by road and rail, close to Kazanlak, has long attracted and will continue to attract people both from the neighbouring villages and from the farther reaches of Bulgaria.

History or Legend

According to the data of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, the village was established by Turkish settlers at the beginning of the XV century. The settlers settled here in the spring. The first impression that they got from their new home was the nice fragrance of wild violet that infused the air. This impressed them so much that they called the village wild violet (Cherganovo). At the beginning there were only two Turkish farms with a few Bulgarian families who worked there as hired labour. Later, other people came from different parts of Bulgaria to settle: from border area Thrace - the village of Dervish Mogila, from Macedonia - the village of Kovachevitsa, from the high mountainous villages Chiflika, Borushtitsa and so on. In the XIV century the remains of St. Petka passed through the village and that is why until today the church in the village is named after the saint.

Rose and Lavender Fields

The main means of livelihood of the village is the growing of roses and other oleaginous plants. The fields with roses near Cherganovo are large private farms whereby if the guests of the village would like to, they can take part in the rose-picking and experience everything that is related to the symbol of Kazanlak that brought its world fame.


Peaches, strawberries, plums, pears and chokeberry are only a small part of the fresh fruits that can be tasted here. It is a pleasure to set out early in the morning, while the dew has not yet evaporated, and to pick for yourselves fresh fruits for your basket.

Tobacco Growing

Tobacco can be grown only at certain places in Bulgaria because the plant needs warm places. This is why tobacco is primarily grown in the south of Bulgaria, near the border with Turkey. Cherganovo is one of the few places close to the centre of the country which successfully grows this plant.

St. Petka Church

The church is remarkable not only because it is over 100 years old but also because it was erected in honour of St. Petka whose remains most likely stayed overnight in the village. According to the tradition, where the remains of a saint make a stop, a church has to be erected in homage of the saint.


The village hosts one of the most impressive private mini zoos, created by the Minchevi Family. One can see wild African hens, Cameroon goats, Japanese roosters, Slovene chickens, many exotic pigeons, the speaking parrot Chochko and many other domesticated animals.

Cherganovo is a starting point for:

  • visit to the rose fields with participation in the rose-picking;
  • visit to the Aqua Park near Ovoshtnik, 4 km away;

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