Srednogorovo Village

Srednogorovos name comes from the Sredna Gora Mountain, in whose ripples the village is cosily nested, along the valley of the Gyurlya River. A beautiful, old-fashioned village with houses still preserved in an archaic style, tucked into a picturesque vale with small winding streets. Its inhabitants number 400 people. This is one of the oldest villages in Kazanlak Municipality, initially settled by refugees from the south. There are still legends told in Srednogorovo about buried treasures from the Ottoman imperial treasury, plundered by bandits that once roamed these places. It is also said that the women of Srednogorovo can be recognised by their green or fair eyes and strong, powerful look.

History or Legend

During the Ottoman rule, the merchant road between northern and southern Bulgaria as well as the borderline between the northern and southern part of the Empire passed through the lands of todays village of Srednogorovo. The treasures of the Ottoman Empire travelled on this road - the sultans treasury, the salaries for the army, the merchants caravans they all passed along this road. The dark kirdjalii times brought to the valley desired and undesired settlers - refugees looking for safety but also bandits looking for looting. The treasury of the Ottoman Empire seemed an attractive target for the bandits. There is evidence that the imperial treasures were attacked and plundered more than once along this road. The last one of those attacks is well-known. It must have been a heavy blow for the treasury of the Empire because after that the travel route was moved further up to the north. Nobody knows the exact details of the events that took place but the word-of-mouth suggests that the bandits did not have enough time to escape with their booty as the Turkish armed soldiers took off after them. Thus, the bandits had to hide the booty somewhere in the vicinity of the village. The bandits separated and every one of them carried some part of the plunder, hiding it in a place unknown to the others. Eventually the bandits were caught and punished. What remains unknown is the exact location of the hidden treasures. Not long ago, while a man from Srednogorovo was digging a hole in the forest to prepare a fire, he came upon a casket with coins and Turkish armour. It is also said that the biggest part of the treasure was buried on top of a hill near the village, on which a tree stands tall. Yet there is no proof to confirm this information.


The nature of Sredna Gora Mountain is soft, welcoming, with many broad-leaved trees and small game. The lovely green meadows are filled with herbs and bushes forming lush arches along the way of the tourist. The nature of Sredna Gora Mountain offers fresh, romantic walks, without effort or too much challenge - only relaxation.

Rose Celebration

In Srednogorovo there is a tradition to organise a separate local celebration for the tourists during the times of the rose-picking season.


Close to Srednogorovo is the Sinyata River (in translation, the Blue River) with facilities for food and relaxation. Those who like hunting can practice their hobby there or simply go for a walk or a picnic out in the nature.

Celebration of the Independence of Srednogorovos Sons-in-Law

We can only guess about the reason for the existence of such a celebration in Srednogorovo. Maybe it has something to do with Srednogorovos women and their magnetic green or fair eyes. Whatever the reason, the celebration is a fact and everyone who would like to take part and enjoy the independence of Srednogorovos sons-in-law can do so in September.

Srednogorovo is a starting point for:

  • outing with organised picnic along the marked eco-path "The Path of Laughter";
  • outing amid the ripples of Sredna Gora Mountain;
  • outing in the meadows of the local dam "Siniyat Vir" (in translation, the Blue Pool);
  • outing to the neighbouring village of Buzovgrad and to the Thracian cult monument "The Megalith".

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