... If you get to the river and cross over the bridge on the way to the entrance of the Tyulbeto Park, you will get to a place that has preserved the calm patriarchal spirit of the National Revival - the "Kulata" Ethnographic Complex, where you can even sample rose products. The Complex is only the beginning as behind it is situated the oldest neighbourhood in the town - the "Kulata" quarter, where you can visit the old "St. Elijah" Church, the coppersmiths workshop or that of the masters violin-makers. When you are done with the "Kulata" quarter, you will end up right in front of the entrance of the Tyulbeto Park. There is the symbol of our town - the Kazanlak Thracian Tomb with its invaluable frescoes, painted by the ancient Thracian masters. Immediately next to the entrance of the Tyulbeto Park you can visit the "Yahnata" gallery shop of Kazanlaks master craftsmen.

Next to the main market is the mosque - a monument of culture. To the southwest of the main boulevard one can find the quietness of the nunnery.

If you have a car, you can take a short drive to the unique Shipka Monastery, to climb to the Shipka Peak and to experience the heroic atmosphere of "Shipka-Buzludzha" National Park-Museum. Close to Shipka are some of the most significant newly discovered tombs.

While you are still on the road, in May, you can visit the rose fields or take a walk out in the nature, have a refreshing picnic with the local hosts, go fishing or swimming in the Koprinka Dam, or go to the new attraction in the region - the Aqua park in Ovoshtnik. All this is on offer for you from the Kazanlak villages.

If you get tired, the restaurants will offer you such a great variety of cuisines and dishes so that you will find it difficult to choose. The cinema-goers can check out the movies at "Iskra" Cinema. For those of you who like sport and a healthy lifestyle there are also many options for entertainment. If you would like to just relax, you can have a drink or a cocktail at the local attractive bars and dance the night away in the dance clubs with the young people of Kazanlak and their laughter.

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