Welcome to the Valley of Roses

Transferred from the Middle East long ago, the oleaginous rose found her second home in the Kazanlak Valley and gave it her name - the Valley of Roses. She blossoms during the nicest time of the year - the months of May and June - filling the air with her wonderful fragrance. The rose oil that is extracted from her blossoms has unbeatable quality, spreading Bulgarias fame all over the world as one of the countrys distinctive symbols.

Rose Picking Rose Damascena

In her honour, during the first week of June, Kazanlak celebrates the Rose Festival which has now become one of the most exciting events both for the local people and for the towns visitors. The festive programme includes the Rose Queen Coronation Ceremony and the traditional rituals of Rose-Picking and Rose-Oil Distillation. They recreate the authentic atmosphere filled with lots of joy, songs and dances. The guests of Kazanlak are always charmed and many of them keep coming back the following year.

... and the Thracian Kings!

The traces left by several historical ages are numerous but the most durable and most impressive are those left by the Thracians - a people with exceptionally diverse and unique culture. As brilliant evidence to this fact stands the Kazanlak Thracian Tomb which dates back to the IV - III centuries BC. Its unique architecture and remarkable frescoes place it deservedly on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Thracian tomb History museum Days of thracian culture

In the last few years, in the area near Kazanlak several Thracian tombs were discovered with many Thracian artefacts amongst which the golden mask of the great Thracian king Teres and the bronze head of the Thracian ruler Seuth III stand out as most prominent examples of Thracian culture.

The year 2005 marked the beginning of an annual festival dedicated to the Thracian civilization called Celebrations in the Valley of the Thracian Kings. The aim of this event is to have an established annual festival that is to take place at the end of summer which can promote the unique Thracians cultural-historical heritage of the Kazanlak region.

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